Fair round-up

Some of you may have been wondering... how did I do at this year's fair?


I entered 8 pieces of knitting and got 4 ribbons. A 50% return rate seems pretty good for my very first fair. Two third place ribbons, two first place ribbons.

There were some surprises. My Advent Calendar did not get disqualified from the Christmas stocking category despite being not actually a Christmas stocking - in fact, it won a first place ribbon. My Cecelia blanket won nothing, and the baby blankets that did place were all terrible looking and made out of Red Heart (sigh). My double-knitted Penn State colored pot holder only won a third-place ribbon, and of course I didn't think the first and second place ribbon winners deserved it considering that very little technique was involved. My Unleashed mittens actually won a ribbon, which was shocking, considering they weren't very well made (all me, the pattern is great). And my cute little alligator scarf? Nothing! And it wasn't even displayed correctly. Huh?

I learned some things I can take with me into next year's fair. Next year I'll likely be entering a very large square shawl full of lace and beads and many colors and if it doesn't take a best in show, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.