We're going to the fair!

Fair season is upon us! (well, it's been upon us. It's called "summer.")

If you live in a rural or rural-ish area, you'll know what I'm talking about - state fair, county fair, local fair, fireman's carnival, farm show, 4-H fair... whatever you call it, they all boil down to roughly the same sort of thing. Food, fun, and livestock.

And around here, competition.

Bakers get baking, sewers get sewing, stitchers get stitching, and artists get... arting. This year I decided to take the plunge and submit some knitting to the fair to be judged. Below are some previews of what I'll be submitting to the fair this year, and once it's all said and done, I'll check back in and let you know how I did!

Category: Adult hat, knitted, needles. I made this for my husband last winter; it needs to be depilled and defuzzed.

Category: Scarf, to wear, knitted, needles. I made this as part of the Paradise Fibers yarn club last year, from a Mountain Colors mini-skein kit. Mountain Colors loved it so much that they stole my picture and put it on their Facebook page with no attribution. *eep*

Category: Pot holder. I made this at Knitters' Day Out last year as part of a Double Knitting class with Heather Zoppetti. I love double knitting, but boy is it a lot of work.

The front.

The front.

See how the colors are reversed on the back? That's what happens with double knitting.

See how the colors are reversed on the back? That's what happens with double knitting.

Category: Small hanging, tree ornaments, etc. I have a million of these but I'm guessing I have to pick just one to be judged. Decisions, decisions.

Category: Stole/shawl, knitted. My picture does not do Stephen West justice.

Category: Mittens/gloves, adult, knitted. I just finished these, as part of Michelle Hunter's KnitPurlHunter KAL, sponsored by Skacel. These KALs are great and I plan to do her next one as well.

Category: Afghan, baby, knitted. You may remember I wrote about this one before...

Category: Christmas stocking, needlework. I might be breaking the rules with this one a bit. It's actually 24 tiny Christmas stockings, intended for use as an Advent Calendar, complete with their own storage bag. We'll just have to see if I get disqualified....

Wish me luck!