I like to bake. I bake a lot of different kinds of things - muffins, cakes, cupcakes, scones, cookies, brownies, whatever.

But one thing I've never done is make a pie.

I've made pseudo-pies - you know, frozen pre-baked pie crust (already in a little pie tin!), canned fruit filling, in the oven with minimal effort.

I've made pake - a pie/cake mutant dessert that I learned from a friend in college. To this day, when college friends talk to me, pake usually comes up in the conversation somewhere. Everybody loved pake. It involved a frozen pie crust, some canned pie filling, a bunch of store-bought cake mix on top, and then gobs and gobs of butter. So much butter. So much butter that we actually filled an entire dorm with smoke from burning butter. I do not recommend.

So earlier this week I baked my first pie from scratch. We are doing a CSA (farm share) for the first time this year, and as a result, we get a lot of fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Because I am diabetic, I don't buy much fruit - I prefer to get my carbs from other sources, like ice cream, or mountains of french fries. But I have so many blueberries that I don't know what to do, and the A Beautiful Mess blog had this great recipe for Zesty Blueberry Pie.

I modified the recipe a bit - I have no idea how many blueberries actually constitutes 3 pints, so I just threw a bunch of blueberries in there and then scaled back the rest of the filling accordingly. And I added those cute misshapen heart cut-outs on the top.

This pie came out VERY liquid-y (which I love) and VERY lemon-y (which I also love). The super lemon taste probably had to do with me not measuring anything for the filling.

But look, ma, I made a pie!

I hope your days are filled with pie. But you'll have to make your own. I'm not very good at sharing.