What I've been reading

Here's a peek at what I've been reading lately.

The Meaning of Human Existence, by Edward O. Wilson

Source: Library

Format: Audio

Verdict: Great if you're into biology and listening to scientists fight with each about their theories, but a little boring for the layperson. Edward O. Wilson fancies himself a bit of an outsider in the biology community and clearly has a grudge against proponents of inclusive fitness theory. There's nothing wrong with that, especially since he's upfront and matter-of-fact about it. But this didn't really capture my interest.

Strange Fruit, Volume 1: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, words and pictures by Joel Christian Gill

Source: Library (after I submitted a purchase request for it)

Format: Print

Verdict: I loved it. Go buy it right now. I love learning about history in graphic novel format - I find history to be very dry and boring, but the graphic format helps turn it into manageable chunks that hold my interest. This book tells stories from black history that I had never heard before and I loved every minute of it. The art style is cool, the stories are engaging, and diverse works are important. If I were still working in a school library, I'd buy it for my teens and display it prominently. I hope there will be more volumes.




Coraline, by Neil Gaiman

Source: Library

Format: Audio

Verdict: I love it. The audio is the best - highly recommended. Neil Gaiman narrates the story himself, there is music from the Magnetic Fields at the beginning of each disc that really sets the mood, and the story is fantastical and engaging and a little bit creepy. I'll be checking out the movie now, too - I was worried it would be too dark for me, but the book is so wonderful I have to see the film adaptation. Definitely suitable for kids.