My name is Shanna. (That's pronounced with a long "a" - the same vowel as in "makes".)

I make things. All sorts of things. I knit, I cross stitch and do hand embroidery, I sew (both by machine and by hand).

I make words fit together. I make choices. I make relationships.

I'm a librarian - I make books appear on shelves and in hands, I make suggestions, I make waves.

I make mistakes. I make messes. I make friends. I make dinner.

I make music. Literally. (I'm a professional classical musician.)

I make myself, over and over, each and every day.

This site, like me, has no discernible purpose. It reflects all of the things that I make - the physical objects that I craft, yes, but also the decisions that I make, the hare-brained schemes I concoct, the opinions that I form, and the stories I create.

Let's do this thing.